David Richards is a filmmaker based in Brighton UK. He is a co-director of Big Egg Films, where he’s worked on corporate videos for Brighton & Hove City Council, Lister’s Geotechnical and mighty humble. After studying Devised Performance at Bretton Hall, David went on to intern and later freelance professionally for the film department of Lighthouse, supporting the Guiding Lights, BBC Drama and BFI Shorts projects. David completed two screenwriting courses at Lighthouse, during which he developed first draft scripts for a feature and a short. David has worked as a freelance editor, creating animations, idents, and editing existing footage for online. He worked as a DSM and set builder with touring company Opera Brava, and was the second camera, production assistant and edit assistant on the feature documentary The Man Whose Mind Exploded, alongside which he researched and edited other projects by the director, Toby Amies, including pre-commission material for Channel 4’s Random Acts. Recently David wrote, directed and edited his first short film ‘Empty Space’, prior to which he’d produced, edited and designed sound on the short film ‘4 Walls’, and written, directed and edited international music videos including Secret Garden which was featured on PromoNews.