Some of David’s videos have been talked about favourably online:

Red Bull Music Academy cited the video for Opal Tapes as the culmination of an article examining the current nostalgia around rave culture.

“Even better is the video for a track from HOLOVR’s Opal Tapes release Lunar Lake, also out this month. Here dancers are rendered in super slow-mo, their forms warped and corroded through extreme processing. At these speeds their expressions seem rapt, as if deep in thought, but oddly desolate too – a neat representation of rave as a religious experience, but one with a dark side.”

His video for XXXY’s I Know This Can’t Be Love was XLR8R’s 7th most popular video of 2012, in terms of viewers who watched through their site.

The release of his video for Archie Pelago’s Subway Gothic was reported on by XLR8R

The release of his video for Barker & Baumecker’s Database133⅓ was reported on by XLR8R and FACT (including a lengthy quote from David!)

XLR8R’s coverage of the release of the video for South London Ordnance’s Trojan.

FACT’s coverage of the SLO video

FACT’s piece on his video for XXXY’s I Know This Can’t Be Love

XLR8R’s piece on the XXXY video

Dummy Mag interviewed David after the runaway success of the XXXY video

The XXXY video made Yin&Yang’s Video Jukebox